Creates and returns a PropertyBase object with the specified name, and adds it to this group.

In general, you can only add properties to an indexed group (a property group that has the type PropertyType.INDEXED_GROUP; see PropertyBase propertyType attribute” ) The only exception is a text animator property, which can be added to a named group (a property group that has the type PropertyType.NAMED _GROUP).

If this method cannot create a property with the specified name, it generates an exception. To check that you can add a particular property to this group, call canAddProperty before calling thismethod. (See “Property-Group canAddProperty() method” .)


name The display name or match name of the property to add. (See “PropertyBase matchName attribute” ).
The following names are supported:
• Any match name for a property that can be added through the user interface. For example, “ADBE Mask Atom”, “ADBE Paint Atom”, “ADBE Text Position”, “ADBE Text Anchor Point”.
• When adding to an ADBE Mask Parade: “ADBE Mask Atom”, “Mask”.
• When adding to an ADBE Effect Parade, any effect by match name, such as “ADBE Bulge”, “ADBE Glo2″, “APC Vegas”.
• Any effect by display name, such as “Bulge”, “Glow”, “Vegas”.
• For text animators, “ADBE Text Animator”.
• For selectors, Range Selector has the name “ADBE Text Selector”, Wiggly Selector has the name “ADBE Text Wiggly Selector”, and Expression Selector has the name “ADBE Text Expressible Selector”.


PropertyBase object.

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