The type of value stored in thenamed property. The PropertyValueType enumeration has one value for each type of data that can be stored in or retrieved from


Turns temporal continuity on or off for the specified keyframe.When temporal continuity is turned on, it affects this keyframe only if the keyframe interpol


When true, the mask is inverted; otherwise false.Boolean; read/write.


Returns the incoming temporal ease for the specified keyframe.keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the range [1..numKeys], as returned by the


When true, this property is enabled. It corresponds to the setting of the eyeball icon, if there is one; otherwise, the default is true.Boolean; read/write


When true, there is a maximum permitted value for the named property; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


Finds the specified keyframe or marker and returns its current value.If no keyframe or marker can be found that matches the argument, this method generates


If this property is a child of an indexed group, creates and returns a new PropertyBase object with the same attribute values as this one.If this property i


The indices of all the selected keyframes in the named property. If no keyframes are selected, or if the propertyhas no keyframes, returns an empty array.Ar


Sets the incoming and outgoing temporal ease for the specified keyframe. See KeyframeEase object .keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the ran