When true,the text layer shows a stroke. Accessthe strokeColor attribute for the actual colorand strokeWidth for its thickness. When false, only a fill is s


The text value for the text layerメs Source Text property.String; read/write.


Marks the beginning of an undo group, which allows a script to logically group all of its actions as a single undoable action for use with the Edit > Undo/R


True if a text layer is a layer of paragraph bounded text; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


The text layerメs spacing between characters.NOTE: If the text layer has different tracking settings for each character, this attribute returns the setting f


The type of automatic orientation to perform for the layer.An AutoOrientType enumerated value; read/write. One of:AutoOrientType.ALONG_PATH Layer faces in t


The size of a paragraph box text layer as a [width, height] array of pixel dimensions.Array of two integers minimum value of 1 ; read/write.


Restores the default text character characteristics in the Character panel.None.Nothing.


The source AVItem for this layer. The value is null ina Text layer. UseAVLayer.replaceSource to change the value.AVItem object; read-only.


The text layerメs fill color, as an array of [r, g, b] floating-point values. For example, in an 8-bpc project, a red value of 255 would be 1.0, and in a 32-