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The PropertyGroup object represents a group of properties. It can contain Property objects and other PropertyGroup objects. Property groups can be nested to provide a parent-child hierarchy, with a Layer object at the top (root) down to a single Property object, such as the mask feather of the third mask. To traverse the group hierarchy, use PropertyBase methods and attributes; see PropertyBase propertyGroup() method”.

For examples of how to access properties and property groups,

• PropertyGroup is a subclass of PropertyBase. All methods and attributes of PropertyBase, in addition to those listed below, are available when working with PropertyGroup.
• PropertyGroup is a base class for MaskPropertyGroup. PropertyGroup attributes and methods are available when working with mask groups. Attributes

Attribute Reference Description
numProperties “PropertyGroup numProperties attribute” The number of indexed properties in the group.


Method Reference Description
property() “PropertyGroup property() method” Gets a member property or group.
canAddProperty() “PropertyGroup canAddProperty() method” Reports whether a property can be added to the group.
addProperty() “PropertyGroup addProperty() method” Adds a property to the group.

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