FootageSource object

The FootageSource object holds information describing the source of some footage. It is used as themainSource of a FootageItem, or the proxySource of a Comp


The number of times that the footage is to be played consecutively when used in a composition.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill is true.Intege


Sets alphaMode, premulColor, and invertAlpha to the best estimates for this footage source. If hasAlpha is false, no change is made.None.Nothing.


Sets fieldSeparationType and removePulldown to the best estimates for this footage source. If isStill is true, no change is made.The method to use for estim


The color tobe premultiplied. This attribute is valid only if the alphaMode is alphaMode.PREMULTIPLIED.Array of three floating-point values [R, G, B], in th


The alphaMode attribute of footageSource defines how the alpha information in the footage is to be interpreted.If hasAlpha is false, this attribute has no r

PlaceholderSource object

The PlaceholderSource object describes the footage source of a placeholder.PlaceholderSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of F


A frame rate to use instead of the nativeFrameRate value. If set to 0, the nativeFrameRate is used instead.It is an error to set this value if FootageSource


The color of the solid, expressed as red, green, and blue values.Array of three floating-point values, [R, G, B], in the range [0.0..1.0]; read/write.