AVItem object



The AVItem object provides access to attributes and methods of audio/visual files imported into After Effects.

• AVItem is a subclass of Item. All methods and attributes of Item, in addition to those listed below, are available when working with AVItem.
• AVItem is the base class for both CompItem and FootageItem, so AVItem attributes and methods are also available when working with CompItem and FootageItem objects. See CompItem object” and “FootageItem object”.


Attribute Reference Description
name “AVItem name attribute” The name of the object as shown in the Project panel.
width “AVItem width attribute” The width of the item.
height “AVItem height attribute” The height of the item.
pixelAspect “AVItem pixelAspect attribute” The pixel aspect ratio of the item.
frameRate “AVItem frameRate attribute” The frame rate of the item.
frameDuration “AVItem frameDuration attribute” The frame duration for the item.
duration “AVItem duration attribute” The total duration of the item.
useProxy “AVItem useProxy attribute” When true, a proxy source is used for this item.
proxySource “AVItem proxySource attribute” The FootageItem object used as proxy for the item.
time “AVItem time attribute” Current time of the item.
usedIn “AVItem usedIn attribute” The CompItem objects that use this item.
hasVideo “AVItem hasVideo attribute” When true, the item has a video component.
hasAudio “AVItem hasAudio attribute” When true, the item has an audio component.
footageMissing “AVItem footageMissing attribute” When true, the item cannot be found or is a placeholder.


Method Reference Description
setProxy () “AVItem setProxy() method” Sets a proxy for the item.
setProxyWithSequence () “AVItem setProxyWithSequence() method” Sets a sequence as a proxy for the item.
setProxyWithSolid() “AVItem setProxyWithSolid() method” Sets a solid as a proxy for the item.
setProxyWithPlaceholder( ) “AVItem setProxyWithPlaceholder() method” Sets a placeholder as a proxy for the item.
setProxyToNone() “AVItem setProxyToNone() method” Removes the proxy for the item.

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