A numeric status code used when executing a script externally that is, from a command line or AppleScript .οΎ• In Windows, the value is returned on the comman


Begins suppression of script error dialog boxes in the user interface. Use endSuppressDialogs to resume the display of error dialogs.None.Nothing.


Marks the beginning of an undo group, which allows a script to logically group all of its actions as a single undoable action for use with the Edit > Undo/R


Sets memory usage limits as in the Memory & Cache preferences area. For both values, if installed RAM is less than a given amount n gigabytes , the value is


A string indicating the locale language and regional designations After Effects is running.NOTE: $.locale returns the operating system language, not the lan


Removes the specified task from the queue of tasks scheduled for delayed execution.task ID An integer that identifies the task, as returned by app. s che du


Set or clears the flag that determines whether preferences are saved when the application is closed.doSave When true, preferences saved on quit, when false


True if the Watch Folder dialog box is currently displayed and the application is currently watching a folder for rendering.Boolean; read-only.