The current time of the layer, expressed in composition time seconds .Floating-point value; read-only.


The source AVItem for this layer. The value is null ina Text layer. UseAVLayer.replaceSource to change the value.AVItem object; read-only.


The minimum permitted value of the named property. If the hasMin attribute is false, an exception occurs, and an error is generated.Floating-point value; re


Turns spatial continuity on or off for the specified keyframe.If the property value type is neither TwoD _SPATIAL nor ThreeD_SPATIAL, an exception is genera


Anarray containing each feather pointï¾’s mask path segment number section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starting at 0 .NOTE: Values are stored


Moves this layer to the bottom position of the layer stack the last layer .None.Nothing.


True if the layer is an adjustment layer.Boolean; read/write.

AVLayer object

The AVLayer object provides an interface to those layers that contain AVItem objects composition layers, footage layers, solid layers, text layers, and sou


Returns true if the named property can be interpolated using the specified keyframe interpolation type.typeAKeyframeInterpolationType enumerated value; one


When true, you can set the enabled attribute value. Generally, this is true if the user interface displays an eyeball icon for this property; it is true for