Returns the key-value pairs for Flash Video cue-point parameters, for a cue point associated with this marker value.None.An object with an attribute matchin


Moves this layer to the topmost position of the layer stack the first layer .None.Nothing.


True if this layer has the Enable Per-character 3D switch set, allowing its characters to be animated off the plane of the text layer. Applies only to text


The position index of the named property. The first property is at index position 1.Integer; read-only.


Turns temporal auto-Bezier interpolation on or off for the specified keyframe. When this is turned on, it affects this keyframe only if keySpatialContinuous

ShapeLayer object

The ShapeLayer object represents a shape layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectï¾’s addShape method; see LayerCollection addSh


When true, the layer is enabled; otherwise false. This corresponds to the video switch state of the layer in theTimeline panel.Boolean; read/write.


The name of the layer. By default, this is the same as the Source name which cannot be changed in the Layerpanel , but you can set it to be different.String


When true, the layer’s audio is enabled. This value corresponds to the audio toggle switch in the Timelinepanel.Boolean; read/write.


The active camera, which is the front-most camera layer that is enabled. The value is null if the composition contains no enabled camera layers.CameraLayer