MaskPropertyGroup object

The MaskPropertyGroup object encapsulates mask attributes in a layer.ユ MaskPropertyGroup is a subclass of PropertyGroup. All methods and attributes of Prope


When true, the named property is of a type whose expression can be set by a script. See also Property expression attribute .Boolean; read-only.


The name of a callback function that is calledwhenever the value of the RenderQueueItem.status attribute changes.You cannot make changes to render queue ite


The FootageSource being used as a proxy. The attribute is read-only; to change it, call any of the AVItem methodsthat change the proxy source: setProxy , se


Finds the specified keyframe or marker and returns the time at which it occurs. If no keyframe or marker can be found that matches the argument, this method


The text layerメs font size in pixels.NOTE: If the text layer has different font size settings for each character, this attribute returns the setting for the


The Frame Count menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box.A FramesCountType enumerated value; read/write. One of:FramesCountType.FC_START_1FramesCount


The footage source, an object that contains all of the settings related to that footage item, including those that are normally accessed through the Interpr


The position index of this property within its parent group, if it is a child of an indexed group a property group that has the type PropertyType.INDEXED_GR


The Use Feet + Frames menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box.Use this attribute instead of the old timecodeFilmType attribute.A FeetFramesFilmType