Moves this layer to a position immediately after below the specified layer.layer The target layer, a layer object in the same composition.Nothing.

FootageItem object

The FootageItem object represents a footage item imported into a project, which appears in the Project panel.These are accessed by position index number in


The position index of this property within its parent group, if it is a child of an indexed group a property group that has the type PropertyType.INDEXED_GR


Moves this layer to the topmost position of the layer stack the first layer .None.Nothing.


Retrieves an item at a specified index position.index The index position of the item, an integer. The first item is at index 1.Item object.


The type of this property.A PropertyType enumerated value; read/write. One of:PropertyType.PROPERTY A single property such as position or zoom.PropertyType.

KeyframeEase object

The KeyframeEase object encapsulates the keyframe ease settings of a layerメs AE property. Keyframe ease isdetermined by the speed and influence values that


When true, the propertyメs dimensions are represented as separate properties. For example, if the layerメs position is represented as X Position and Y Positio


Moves this property to a new position in its parent property group.This method is valid only for children of indexed groups; if it is not, or if the index v


Creates a new CompItem object and moves the specified layers into its layer collection. It removes the individual layers from this collection, and adds the