Gets a specified item from the items collection.index The position index of the item. An integer in the range [ m Ite ms].RenderQueueItem object.


Moves this layer to a position immediately before above the specified layer.layer The target layer, a layer object in the same composition.Nothing.


When true, the property is multidimensional and can be separated. For example, the Position property has this attribute set to true.NOTE: The original, cons


Gets an output module with the specified index position.index The position index of the output module. An integer in the range [1..numOutputModules].OutputM

OMCollection object

The OMCollection contains all of the output modules in a render queue. The collection provides access to the OutputModule objects, but does not provide any


When true, the named property defines a spatial value. Examples are position and effect point controls.Boolean; read-only.

RQItemCollection object

The RQItemCollection contains all of the render-queue items in a project, as shown in the Render Queue panel of the project. The collection provides access


Moves this layer to the bottom position of the layer stack the last layer .None.Nothing.


The position index of the named property. The first property is at index position 1.Integer; read-only.


An array containing each feather pointメs relative position, from 0 to 1, on its mask path segment section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starti