The position index of the named property. The first property is at index position 1.Integer; read-only.


An array containing each feather pointメs relative position, from 0 to 1, on its mask path segment section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starti


All of the selected properties Property and PropertyGroup objects in this composition. The first property isat index position 0.Array of Property and Proper


The type of value stored in thenamed property. The PropertyValueType enumeration has one value for each type of data that can be stored in or retrieved from


Returns a Layer object, which can be specified by name, an index position in this layer, or an index position relative to another layer.index The index numb


For a separated follower, the dimension number it represents in the multidimensional leader. The first dimension starts at 0.Forexample, the Y Position prop

CompItem object

The CompItem object represents a composition, and allows you to manipulate and get information about it.Access the objects by position index number in a pro


The original multidimensional property for this separated follower. For example, if the current property is Y Position, this attributeメs value points to the


The index position of the layer.Integer in the range [1..numLayers]; read-only.


Returns the top-level item in this folder at the specified index position. Note that top-level here means top-level within the folder, not necessarily withi