True if motion blur is enabled for the layer.Boolean; read/write.


When true, you can set the enabled attribute value. Generally, this is true if the user interface displays an eyeball icon for this property; it is true for


When true, this property is enabled. It corresponds to the setting of the eyeball icon, if there is one; otherwise, the default is true.Boolean; read/write


When true, the layer is enabled; otherwise false. This corresponds to the video switch state of the layer in theTimeline panel.Boolean; read/write.


True if time remapping is enabled for this layer.Boolean; read/write.

PropertyBase object

Properties are accessed by name through layers, using various kinds of expression syntax, as controlled by application preferences. For example, the followi


When true, the layer’s video is active at the current time.For this to be true, the layer must be enabled, no other layer may be soloing unless this layer i


The active camera, which is the front-most camera layer that is enabled. The value is null if the composition contains no enabled camera layers.CameraLayer


Returns true if this layer will be active at the specified time. To return true, the layer must be enabled, no otherlayer may be soloing unless this layer i