The type of frame blending to perform when frame blending is enabled for the layer.A FrameBlendingType enumerated value; read/write. One of:FrameBlendingTyp

Property object

The Property object contains value, keyframe, and expression information about a particular AE property of a layer. An AE property is an value, often animat


True if the layer contains an audio component, regardless of whether it is audio-enabled or soloed.Boolean; read-only.


When true, this property is active. For a layer, this corresponds to the setting of the eyeball icon and if the current time is between the layerメs in and o


True if motion blur is enabled for the layer.Boolean; read/write.


When true, you can set the enabled attribute value. Generally, this is true if the user interface displays an eyeball icon for this property; it is true for


When true, this property is enabled. It corresponds to the setting of the eyeball icon, if there is one; otherwise, the default is true.Boolean; read/write


When true, the layer is enabled; otherwise false. This corresponds to the video switch state of the layer in theTimeline panel.Boolean; read/write.


True if time remapping is enabled for this layer.Boolean; read/write.