Calculates a transformation from a set of points in this layer.pointTopLeft The top left point coordinates in the form of an array, [x, y, z].pointTopRight


Moves this layer to a position immediately after below the specified layer.layer The target layer, a layer object in the same composition.Nothing.


When true, the layer was created as a null object; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


When true, the layer is shy, meaning that it is hidden in the Layer panel if the compositionメs Hide all shy layers option is toggled on.Boolean; read/write.


Opens the layer in a Layer panel, and moves the Layer panel to front and gives it focus.None.Viewer object for the Layer panel, or null if the layer could n


The name of the layer. By default, this is the same as the Source name which cannot be changed in the Layerpanel , but you can set it to be different.String


True if the layer’s effects are active, as indicated by the icon next to it in the user interface.Boolean; read/write.


Duplicates the layer. Creates a new Layer object in which all values are the same as in this one. This has the same effect as selecting a layer in the user