The duration in seconds of the composition to be rendered. The duration is determined by subtracting the start time from the end time. Setting this value is

OutputModule object

An OutputModule object of a RenderQueueItem generates a single file or sequence via a render operation, and contains attributes and methods relating to the


Starts the rendering process. This is the same as clicking Render in the Render Queue panel. The method does not return until the render process is complete


The time in the composition, in seconds, at which rendering will begin. Setting this value is the same as setting a custom start time in the Render Settings


The ExtendScript File object for the file this output module is set to render.ExtendScript File object; read/write.


Shows or hides the Render Queue panel.doShow When true, show the Render Queue panel. When false, hide it.Nothing.


Creates a duplicate of this item and adds it this render queue.NOTE: Duplicating an item whose status is Done sets the new itemメs status to Queued .None.Ren


The render queue of the project.RenderQueue object; read-only.


Stops the rendering process. This is the same as clicking Stop in the Render Queue panel during a render. You can call this method from an onStatusChanged o


Removes this item from the render queue.None.Nothing.