Calculates a transformation from a set of points in this layer.pointTopLeft The top left point coordinates in the form of an array, [x, y, z].pointTopRight


Opens the layer in a Layer panel, and moves the Layer panel to front and gives it focus.None.Viewer object for the Layer panel, or null if the layer could n


True if the layer’s effects are active, as indicated by the icon next to it in the user interface.Boolean; read/write.


Replaces the source for this layer.newSource The new source AVItem object.fixExpressions True to adjust expressions for the new source, false otherwise. Not


True if this is an environment layer in a Ray-traced 3D composition. Setting this attribute to true automatically makes the layer 3D threeDLayer becomes tru


The quality with which this layer is displayed.A LayerQuality enumerated value; read/write. One of:LayerQuality.BESTLayerQuality.DRAFTLayerQuality.WIREFRAME


Retrieves the rectangle bounds of the layer at the specified time index, corrected for text or shape layer content.Use, for example, to write text that is p