True if this layer has the Enable Per-character 3D switch set, allowing its characters to be animated off the plane of the text layer. Applies only to text


When true, the layer’s audio is enabled. This value corresponds to the audio toggle switch in the Timelinepanel.Boolean; read/write.

TextLayer object

The TextLayer object represents a text layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectï¾’s addText method; It can be accessed in an ite


True if the layer contains an audio component, regardless of whether it is audio-enabled or soloed.Boolean; read-only.


The type of automatic orientation to perform for the layer.An AutoOrientType enumerated value; read/write. One of:AutoOrientType.ALONG_PATH Layer faces in t


True if the layer in front of this layer is being used as a track matte on this layer. When true, this layer’s track -MatteType value controls how the matte


If this layer has a track matte, specifies the way the track matte is applied.A TrackMatteType enumerated value; read/write. One of:TrackMatteType.ALPHATrac


The blending mode of the layer.A BlendingMode enumerated value; read/write. One of:BlendingMode.ADDBlendingMode.ALPHA_ADDBlendingMode.CLASSIC_COLOR_BURNBlen


The height of the layer in pixels.Floating-point; read-only.