CompItem object

The CompItem object represents a composition, and allows you to manipulate and get information about it.Access the objects by position index number in a pro


When true, only layers with shy set to false are shown in the Timeline panel. When false, all layers are visible, including those whose shy value is true. C


The x and y downsample resolution factors for rendering the composition.The two values in the array specify how many pixels to skip when sampling; the first


The duration of a frame, in seconds. This is the inverse of the frameRate value frames-per-second .Floating-point; read/write.


All of the selected layers in this composition. This is a 0-based array the first object is at index 0 .Array of Layer objects; read-only.


A LayerCollection object that contains all the Layer objects for layers in this composition. See LayerCollection object .LayerCollection object; read-only.


All of the selected properties Property and PropertyGroup objects in this composition. The first property isat index position 0.Array of Property and Proper


When true, motion blur is enabled for the composition. Corresponds to the value of the Motion Blur button in the Composition panel.Boolean; read/write.


The shutter angle setting for the composition. This corresponds to the Shutter Angle setting in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box.Inte


The maximum number of motion blur samples of 2D layer motion. This corresponds to the Adaptive Sample Limit setting in the Advanced tab of the Composition S