Opens the composition in a Composition panel, and moves the Composition panel to front and gives it focus.None.Viewer object for the Composition panel, or n


The ExtendScript File object for the file containing the project that is currently open.File object or null if project has not been saved; read-only.


The ExtendScript File object for the footage’s source file.If theFootageItem’smainSource is a FileSource, this is the same as FootageItem.mainSource.file.Ot


Returns the first topmost layer found in this collection with the specified name, or null if no layer with the given name is A string containing


Opens the footage in a Footage panel, and moves the Footage panel to front and gives it focus.NOTE: Missing and placeholder footage can be opened using this


Creates a new null layer and adds the AVLayer object to this collection. This is the same as choosing Layer > New > Null object.duration Optional, the lengt


Shows an Import File dialog box. Same as the File > Import > File command.Array of Item objects created during import; or null if the user cancels the dialo


The Viewer object for the currently focused or active-focused viewer Composition, Layer, or Footage panel.Returns null if no viewers are open.Viewer object;


The property group that is the immediate parent of this property, or null if this PropertyBase is a layer.PropertyGroup object or null; read-only.


The name of a callback function that is called when an error occurs. By creating a function and assigning it to this attribute, you can respond to errors sy