A numeric status code used when executing a script externally that is, from a command line or AppleScript .οΎ• In Windows, the value is returned on the comman


True if the layer in front of this layer is being used as a track matte on this layer. When true, this layer’s track -MatteType value controls how the matte

ImportOptions object

The ImportOptions object encapsulates the options used to import a file with the Project.importFile methods.The constructor takes an optional parameter, an


A special name for the property used to build unique naming paths. The match name is not displayed, but you can refer to it in scripts. Every property has a


The number of bytes of memory currently used by this application.Number; read-only.


True if this layer is being used as a track matte for the layer behind it.Boolean; read-only.


The parent of this layer; can be null.Offset values are calculated to counterbalance any transforms above this layer in the hierarchy, so that when you set


The name of a callback function that is calledwhenever the value of the RenderQueueItem.status attribute changes.You cannot make changes to render queue ite


Begins suppression of script error dialog boxes in the user interface. Use endSuppressDialogs to resume the display of error dialogs.None.Nothing.


True if linear blending should be used for this project; otherwise false.Boolean; read/write.