Schedules the specified JavaScript for delayed execution.stringToExecute A string containing JavaScript to be executed.delay A number of milliseconds to wai


The type of object for which the imported file is to be the source. Before setting, use canImportAs to check that a given file can be imported as the source


The number of times that the footage is to be played consecutively when used in a composition.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill is true.Intege

MaskPropertyGroup object

The MaskPropertyGroup object encapsulates mask attributes in a layer.ユ MaskPropertyGroup is a subclass of PropertyGroup. All methods and attributes of Prope


The FootageSource being used as a proxy. The attribute is read-only; to change it, call any of the AVItem methodsthat change the proxy source: setProxy , se


The FolderItem object for the folder that contains this item. If this item is at the top level of the project, this is the project’s root folder app.project


How the pulldowns are to be removed when field separation is used.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill is true. It is an error to attempt to set


The name of the build of After Effects being run, used internally by Adobe for testing and troubleshooting.String; read-only.


The current time of the item when it is being previewed directly from the Project panel. This value is a number ofseconds. Use the global method timeToCurre


The Footage Start Time setting in the Project Settings dialog box, which is enabled when Timecode is selected as the time display style.A FootageTimecodeDis