The Flash Video cue point name, as shown in the Marker dialogbox.String; read/write.


Returns the outgoing spatial tangent for the specified keyframe.keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the range [1..numKeys], as returned by th


Removes this property from its parent group. If this is a property group, it removes the child properties as well.This method is valid only for children of


When true, the propertyメs dimensions are represented as separate properties. For example, if the layerメs position is represented as X Position and Y Positio


Finds the specified keyframe and sets its value.If the named property has no keyframes, or no keyframe with the specified index, this method generates an ex


The number of keyframes in the named property. If the value is 0, the property is not being keyframed.Integer; read-only.


A special name for the property used to build unique naming paths. The match name is not displayed, but you can refer to it in scripts. Every property has a


A text comment for this marker. This comment appears in the Timeline panel next to the layer marker.String; read/write.


Returns true if the specified keyframe is roving. The first and last keyframe in a property cannot rove; if youtry to set roving forone of these, the operat


Returns true if a property with the given name can be added to this property group. For example, you can only add mask to a mask group. The only legal input