OutputModule object

An OutputModule object of a RenderQueueItem generates a single file or sequence via a render operation, and contains attributes and methods relating to the


Returns true if a property with the given name can be added to this property group. For example, you can only add mask to a mask group. The only legal input


The name of the item, as shown in the Project panel.ユ Ina FootageItem, the value is linked to the mainSource object. If the mainSource object is a FileSourc


The name of the user currently logged on to the system.String; read-only.

Item object

The Item object represents an item that can appear in the Project panel.The first item is at index 1.ユ Item is the base class for AVItem and for FolderItem,


Changes the source of this FootageItem to the specified image sequence. In addition to loading the file, the method creates a new FileSource object for the


Returns the first topmost layer found in this collection with the specified name, or null if no layer with the given name is found.name A string containing


The name of a callback function that is calledwhenever the value of the RenderQueueItem.status attribute changes.You cannot make changes to render queue ite


Creates a PlaceholderSource object with specified values, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and sets useProxy to true. It does not preser


The text layerメs font specified by its PostScript name.NOTE: If the text layer has different font settings for each character, this attribute returns the se