The effects available in the application.Array, with each element containing the following properties; read-only:displayName String representing the localiz


When true, Draft 3D mode is enabled for the Composition panel. This corresponds to the value of the Draft 3D button in the Composition panel.Boolean; read/w


Returns true if the named property can be interpolated using the specified keyframe interpolation type.typeAKeyframeInterpolationType enumerated value; one


Retrieves a scripting preferences item value from the preferences file.sectionName A string containing the name of a settings sectionkeyName A string contai


For a light layer, its light type.Trying to set this attribute for a non-light layer produces an error.ALightType enumerated value; read/write. One of:Light


The height of the item in pixels.ユ In a CompItem, the value is linked to the composition, and is read/write.ユ In a FootageItem, the value is linked to the m


The alphaMode attribute of footageSource defines how the alpha information in the footage is to be interpreted.If hasAlpha is false, this attribute has no r


Finds the specified keyframe or marker and returns its current value.If no keyframe or marker can be found that matches the argument, this method generates


The incoming tangent vectors, or direction handles, associated with the vertices of the shape. Specify each vector as an array of two floating-point values,


Returns the key-value pairs for Flash Video cue-point parameters, for a cue point associated with this marker value.None.An object with an attribute matchin