Creates a new camera layer and adds the CameraLayer object to this collection.The new layer honors the Create Layers at Composition Start Time


The root folder containing the contents of the project; this is a virtual folder that contains all items in the Project panel, but not items contained insid


Creates a PlaceholderSource object with specified values, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and sets useProxy to true. It does not preser


Creates and returns a new PlaceholderItem object and adds it to the projectメs items array. Same as the File > Import > Placeholder A string con

SolidSource object

The SolidSource object represents a solid-color footage source.ユ SolidSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of FootageSource, in

Item object

The Item object represents an item that can appear in the Project panel.The first item is at index 1.ユ Item is the base class for AVItem and for FolderItem,


Moves this layer to a position immediately before above the specified layer.layer The target layer, a layer object in the same composition.Nothing.


The active camera, which is the front-most camera layer that is enabled. The value is null if the composition contains no enabled camera layers.CameraLayer


The property group that is the immediate parent of this property, or null if this PropertyBase is a layer.PropertyGroup object or null; read-only.


The file to be imported. If a file is set in the constructor, you can access it through this attribute.ExtendScript File object; read/write.