All the compositions that use this AVItem.Note that upon retrieval, the array value is copied, so it is not automatically updated. If you get this value, th


The time when the Composition work area begins, in seconds.Floating-point; read/write.


The time set as the beginning of the composition, in seconds. This is the equivalent of the Start Timecode or Start Frame setting in the Composition Setting


The footage source, an object that contains all of the settings related to that footage item, including those that are normally accessed through the Interpr


When true, the AVItem is a placeholder, or represents footage with a source file that cannot be found. In this case, the path of the missing source file isi


When true, the frame rate of nested compositions is preserved in the current composition. Corresponds to the value of the Preserve frame rate when nested or


A user-readable name for the item type; for example, Folder , Footage , or Composition .String; read-only.


When true, a proxy is used for the item. It is set to true by all the SetProxy methods, and to false by the SetProxyToNone method.Boolean; read/write.


Creates and returns a duplicate of this composition, which contains the same layers as the original.None.CompItem object.


When true, Draft 3D mode is enabled for the Composition panel. This corresponds to the value of the Draft 3D button in the Composition panel.Boolean; read/w