Reloads the asset from the file. This method can be called only on a mainSource, not a proxySource.None.Nothing.


Duplicates the layer. Creates a new Layer object in which all values are the same as in this one. This has the same effect as selecting a layer in the user


Removes this item from the render queue.None.Nothing.


Begins suppression of script error dialog boxes in the user interface. Use endSuppressDialogs to resume the display of error dialogs.None.Nothing.


Opens the footage in a Footage panel, and moves the Footage panel to front and gives it focus.NOTE: Missing and placeholder footage can be opened using this


The label color for the item. Colors are represented by their number 0 for None, or 1 to 16 for one of the preset colors in the Labels preferences .Custom l


Restores the default text character characteristics in the Character panel.None.Nothing.


Marks the end of an undo group begun with the app.beginUndoGroup method. You can use this method to place an end to an undo group in the middle of a script,


Consolidates all footage in the project. Same as the File > Consolidate All Footage command.None.Integer; the total number of footage items removed.


Moves this layer to the topmost position of the layer stack the first layer .None.Nothing.