Sets a file as the proxy of this AVItem. Loads the specified file into a new FileSource object, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and set


If this property is a child of an indexed group, creates and returns a new PropertyBase object with the same attribute values as this one.If this property i


Sets the parent of this layer to the specified layer, without changing the transform values of the child layer.There may be an apparent jump in the rotation


Removes the proxy from this AVItem, sets the value of proxySource tonull, and sets the value of useProxy to false.None.Nothing.


Removes this property from its parent group. If this is a property group, it removes the child properties as well.This method is valid only for children of


Deletes this item from the project and from the Project panel. If the item is a FolderItem, all the items contained in the folder are also removed from the


Opens the layer in a Layer panel, and moves the Layer panel to front and gives it focus.None.Viewer object for the Layer panel, or null if the layer could n


Returns the key-value pairs for Flash Video cue-point parameters, for a cue point associated with this marker value.None.An object with an attribute matchin


Starts the rendering process. This is the same as clicking Render in the Render Queue panel. The method does not return until the render process is complete


Removes this OutputModule object from the collection.None.Nothing.