An alternate way of setting the Frame Count menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box to 0 or 1, and is equivalent to using the FramesCountType.FC_STA


Creates and returns a new PlaceholderItem object and adds it to the projectï¾’s items array. Same as the File > Import > Placeholder command.name A string con


The color depth of the current project, either 8, 16, or 32 bits.Integer 8, 16, or 32 only ; read/write.


The root folder containing the contents of the project; this is a virtual folder that contains all items in the Project panel, but not items contained insid


Retrieves an item at a specified index position.index The index position of the item, an integer. The first item is at index 1.Item object.


The Frame Count menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box.A FramesCountType enumerated value; read/write. One of:FramesCountType.FC_START_1FramesCount


All items selected in the Project panel, in the sort order shown in the Project panel.Array of Item objects; read-only.


Removes all items from the project except those specified. Same as the File > Reduce Project command.array _ o f _ i te m s An array containing the Item obj


All of the items in the project.ItemCollection object; read-only.


The time display style, corresponding to the Time Display Style section in the Project Settings dialog box.A TimeDisplayType enumerated value; read/write. O