The color used to draw the mask outline as it appears in the user interface Composition panel, Layer panel, and Timeline panel .Array of three floating-poin


When true, the footage has an alpha component. In this case, the attributes alphaMode, invertAlpha , andpremulColor have valid values. When false, those att


An array containing each feather pointメs relative position, from 0 to 1, on its mask path segment section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starti


The layerメs time stretch, expressed as a percentage. A value of 100 means no stretch. Values between 0 and 1 are set to 1, and values between -1 and 0 not i


The color tobe premultiplied. This attribute is valid only if the alphaMode is alphaMode.PREMULTIPLIED.Array of three floating-point values [R, G, B], in th


An array containing each feather pointメs tension amount, from 0 0% tension to 1 100% tension .NOTE: Values are stored in the array in the order that feather


An alternate way of setting the Frame Count menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box to 0 or 1, and is equivalent to using the FramesCountType.FC_STA


When true, the named property can vary over timeラthat is, keyframe values or expressions can be written to this property.Boolean; read-only.


An array containing each feather pointメs direction, either 0 outer feather point or 1 inner feather point .NOTE: You cannot change the direction of a feathe


A string indicating the locale language and regional designations After Effects is running.NOTE: $.locale returns the operating system language, not the lan