When true, the layer’s video is active at the current time.For this to be true, the layer must be enabled, no other layer may be soloing unless this layer i


The anchor points of the shape. Specify each point as an array of two floating-point values, and collect the point pairs into an array for the complete set

Collection object

Like an array, a collection associates a set of objects or values as a logical group and provides access to them by index. However, most collection objects


If this property is a child of an indexed group, creates and returns a new PropertyBase object with the same attribute values as this one.If this property i


The parent of this layer; can be null.Offset values are calculated to counterbalance any transforms above this layer in the hierarchy, so that when you set


The color of the solid, expressed as red, green, and blue values.Array of three floating-point values, [R, G, B], in the range [0.0..1.0]; read/write.


The background color of the composition. The three array values specify the red, green, and blue components of the color.An array containing three floating-

Settings object

DescriptionThe Settings object provides an easy way to manage settings for scripts. The settings are saved in the After Effects preferences file and are per


Duplicates the layer. Creates a new Layer object in which all values are the same as in this one. This has the same effect as selecting a layer in the user


The text layerメs fill color, as an array of [r, g, b] floating-point values. For example, in an 8-bpc project, a red value of 255 would be 1.0, and in a 32-