An ItemCollection object containing Item object that represent the top-level contents of this folder.Unlike the ItemCollection in the Project object, this c


Gets a specified item from the items collection.index The position index of the item. An integer in the range [ m Ite ms].RenderQueueItem object.


The root folder containing the contents of the project; this is a virtual folder that contains all items in the Project panel, but not items contained insid


The number of items contained in the items collection folderItem.items.length .If the folder contains another folder, only the FolderItem for that folder is

RenderQueue object

The RenderQueue object represents the render automation process, the data and functionality that is available through the Render Queue panel of a particular


The FolderItem object for the folder that contains this item. If this item is at the top level of the project, this is the project’s root folder app.project

FolderItem object

The FolderItem object corresponds to a folder in your Project panel. It can contain various types of items footage, compositions, solids as well as other fo


The name of a callback function that is calledwhenever the value of the RenderQueueItem.status attribute changes.You cannot make changes to render queue ite


A unique and persistent identification number used internally to identify an item between sessions. The value of the ID remains the same when the project is

FootageItem object

The FootageItem object represents a footage item imported into a project, which appears in the Project panel.These are accessed by position index number in