When true, a proxy is used for the item. It is set to true by all the SetProxy methods, and to false by the SetProxyToNone method.Boolean; read/write.


Removes this property from its parent group. If this is a property group, it removes the child properties as well.This method is valid only for children of


The parent of this layer; can be null.Offset values are calculated to counterbalance any transforms above this layer in the hierarchy, so that when you set


The number of times that the footage is to be played consecutively when used in a composition.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill is true.Intege

ImportOptions object

The ImportOptions object encapsulates the options used to import a file with the Project.importFile methods.The constructor takes an optional parameter, an


Turns roving on or off for the specified keyframe. The first and last keyframe in a property cannot rove; if you try to set roving forone of these, the oper


True if the layer has no expressly set name, but contains a named source. In this case, has the same value as if the laye


A log type for this item, indicating which events should be logged while this item is being rendered.A LogType enumerated value; read/write . One of:LogType


Reports whether the file can be imported as the source of a particular object type. If this method returns true, you can set the given type as the value of


How the pulldowns are to be removed when field separation is used.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill is true. It is an error to attempt to set