The file to be imported. If a file is set in the constructor, you can access it through this attribute.ExtendScript File object; read/write.


Returns true if the specified keyframe is roving. The first and last keyframe in a property cannot rove; if youtry to set roving forone of these, the operat


The current time of the item when it is being previewed directly from the Project panel. This value is a number ofseconds. Use the global method timeToCurre


When true, this property is selected. Set to true to select the property, or to false to deselect it.Sampling this attribute repeatedly for a large number o


The layerメs time stretch, expressed as a percentage. A value of 100 means no stretch. Values between 0 and 1 are set to 1, and values between -1 and 0 not i


When true, After Effects uses special algorithms to determine how to perform high-quality field separation.It is an error to set this attribute if isStill i


Sets the parent of this layer to the specified layer, without changing the transform values of the child layer.There may be an apparent jump in the rotation


Sets the ムinメ and ムoutメ interpolation types for the specified keyframe.keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the range [1..numKeys], as returne


When true, a proxy is used for the item. It is set to true by all the SetProxy methods, and to false by the SetProxyToNone method.Boolean; read/write.


Removes this property from its parent group. If this is a property group, it removes the child properties as well.This method is valid only for children of