Item object

The Item object represents an item that can appear in the Project panel.The first item is at index 1.ユ Item is the base class for AVItem and for FolderItem,

SolidSource object

The SolidSource object represents a solid-color footage source.ユ SolidSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of FootageSource, in


When true, the AVItem is a placeholder, or represents footage with a source file that cannot be found. In this case, the path of the missing source file isi

FootageItem object

The FootageItem object represents a footage item imported into a project, which appears in the Project panel.These are accessed by position index number in

PlaceholderSource object

The PlaceholderSource object describes the footage source of a placeholder.PlaceholderSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of F


The content in the viewer panel.A ViewerType enumerated value; read-only. One of:ViewerType.VIEWER _COMPOSITIONViewerType.VIEWER_L AYERViewerType.VIEWER _FO


Replaces the source for this layer.newSource The new source AVItem object.fixExpressions True to adjust expressions for the new source, false otherwise. Not


The alphaMode attribute of footageSource defines how the alpha information in the footage is to be interpreted.If hasAlpha is false, this attribute has no r

FootageSource object

The FootageSource object holds information describing the source of some footage. It is used as themainSource of a FootageItem, or the proxySource of a Comp

Viewer object

The Viewer object represents a Composition, Layer, or Footage panel.This maximizes the active viewer panel, and displays its type if it contains a compositi