A user-readable name for the item type; for example, Folder , Footage , or Composition .String; read-only.

FileSource object

The FileSource object describes footage that comes from a file.οΎ• FileSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of FootageSource, in


Reports whether the file can be imported as the source of a particular object type. If this method returns true, you can set the given type as the value of


When true, an alpha channel in a footage clip or proxy should be inverted.This attribute is valid onlyif an alpha is present. If hasAlpha isfalse, or if alp


Sets alphaMode, premulColor, and invertAlpha to the best estimates for this footage source. If hasAlpha is false, no change is made.None.Nothing.

FolderItem object

The FolderItem object corresponds to a folder in your Project panel. It can contain various types of items footage, compositions, solids as well as other fo


Creates a new null layer and adds the AVLayer object to this collection. This is the same as choosing Layer > New > Null object.duration Optional, the lengt


When true the footage is still; when false, it has a time-based component.Examples of still footage are JPEG files, solids, and placeholders with duration o


Creates a new AVLayer object containing the specified item, and adds it to this collection.The new layer honors the Create Layers at Composition Start Time


The ExtendScript File object for the footage’s source file.If theFootageItem’smainSource is a FileSource, this is the same as FootageItem.mainSource.file.Ot