Viewer object

The Viewer object represents a Composition, Layer, or Footage panel.This maximizes the active viewer panel, and displays its type if it contains a compositi


Moves the viewer panel to the front and places focus on it, making it active. Calling this method will set the viewerメs active attribute to true.None.Boolea


The content in the viewer panel.A ViewerType enumerated value; read-only. One of:ViewerType.VIEWER _COMPOSITIONViewerType.VIEWER_L AYERViewerType.VIEWER _FO


When true, indicates if the viewer panel is at its maximized size.Boolean; read/write.


When true, indicates if the viewer panel is focused, and thereby frontmost.Boolean; read-only.

TextLayer object

The TextLayer object represents a text layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectメs addText method; It can be accessed in an ite

TextDocument object

The TextDocumentobject stores a value for a TextLayer’s Source Text property. Create it withthe constructor, passing the string to be encapsulated.ExamplesT


Restores the default text paragraph characteristics in the Paragraph panel.None.Nothing.


Restores the default text character characteristics in the Character panel.None.Nothing.


The text layerメs spacing between characters.NOTE: If the text layer has different tracking settings for each character, this attribute returns the setting f