The total number of items contained in the project, including folders and all types of footage.Integer; read-only.


The total number of items in the render queue.Integer; read-only.


The minimum number of motion blur samples per frame for Classic 3D layers, shape layers, and certain effects. This corresponds to the Samples Per Frame sett


The number of keyframes in the named property. If the value is 0, the property is not being keyframed.Integer; read-only.

Layer object

The Layer object provides access to layers within compositions. It can be accessed from an itemメs layer collection either by index number or by a name strin

RenderQueue object

The RenderQueue object represents the render automation process, the data and functionality that is available through the Render Queue panel of a particular


The number of layers in the composition.Integer; read-only.


For a separated follower, the dimension number it represents in the multidimensional leader. The first dimension starts at 0.Forexample, the Y Position prop


A unique and persistent identification number used internally to identify an item between sessions. The value of the ID remains the same when the project is


The number of seconds spent rendering this item.Integer, or null if item has not been rendered; read-only.