The number of items contained in the items collection folderItem.items.length .If the folder contains another folder, only the FolderItem for that folder is


Copies the layer into the specified composition. The original layer remains unchanged. Creates a new Layer object with the same values as this one, and prep


Creates a new AVLayer object containing the specified item, and adds it to this collection.The new layer honors the Create Layers at Composition Start Time

FootageItem object

The FootageItem object represents a footage item imported into a project, which appears in the Project panel.These are accessed by position index number in


Creates a new point text layer and adds the new TextLayer object to this collection.To create a paragraph box text layer, use the addBoxText method. For mor

Layer object

The Layer object provides access to layers within compositions. It can be accessed from an itemメs layer collection either by index number or by a name strin


A collection of all items in the render queue.RQItemCollection object; read-only.


Applies the specified collection of animation settings an animation preset to the layer. Predefined animation preset files are installed in the Presets fold

LightLayer object

The LightLayer object represents a light layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectメs addLight method; It can beaccessed in anit


Gets a specified item from the items collection.index The position index of the item. An integer in the range [ m Ite ms].RenderQueueItem object.