TextDocument object

The TextDocumentobject stores a value for a TextLayer’s Source Text property. Create it withthe constructor, passing the string to be encapsulated.ExamplesT


The text layerメs font size in pixels.NOTE: If the text layer has different font size settings for each character, this attribute returns the setting for the


The paragraph justification for the text layer.AParagraphJustification enumerated value; read-only. One of:ParagraphJustification.LEFT_JUSTIFYParagraphJusti


True if a text layer is a layer of point unbounded text; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


The text layerメs stroke color, as an array of [r, g, b] floating-point values. For example, in an 8-bpc project, a red value of 255 would be 1.0, and in a 3


Indicates the rendering order for the fill and stroke of a text layer. When true, the stroke appears over the fill.NOTE: If the text layer has different fil


When true, the textlayer shows a fill. Access the fillColor attribute for the actual color. When false, only a stroke is shown.Boolean; read/write.


The text layerメs stroke thickness in pixels. NOTE: If the text layer has different stroke width settings for each character, this attribute returns the sett


When true,the text layer shows a stroke. Accessthe strokeColor attribute for the actual colorand strokeWidth for its thickness. When false, only a fill is s


The text value for the text layerメs Source Text property.String; read/write.