OutputModule object



An OutputModule object of a RenderQueueItem generates a single file or sequence via a render operation, and contains attributes and methods relating to the file to be rendered.


Attribute Reference Description
fil e OutputModule file attribute”
The path and name of the file to be rendered.
postRenderAction “OutputModule postRenderAction attribute” An action to be taken after rendering.
name “OutputModule name attribute” The user-interface name of the output module.
template s “OutputModule templates attribute” All templates for the output module.
includeSourceXMP “OutputModule includeSourceXMP attribute” When true, writes all source footage XMP metadata to the output file.


Method Reference Description
remove ( ) “OutputModule remove() method” Removes this output module from the render-queue item’s list.
saveAsTemplate () “OutputModule saveAsTemplate() method” Saves a new output-module template.
applyTemplate () “OutputModule applyTemplate() method” Applies an output-module template.

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