Removes unused footage from the project. Same as the File > Remove Unused Footage command.None.Integer; the total number of FootageItem objects removed.


Removes the specified keyframe from the named property. If no keyframe with the specified index exists, generates an exception and displays an error.When a


Removes this property from its parent group. If this is a property group, it removes the child properties as well.This method is valid only for children of


Removes this item from the render queue.None.Nothing.


Deletes the specified layer from the composition.None.Nothing.


Deletes this item from the project and from the Project panel. If the item is a FolderItem, all the items contained in the folder are also removed from the


Removes this OutputModule object from the collection.None.Nothing.

OutputModule object

An OutputModule object of a RenderQueueItem generates a single file or sequence via a render operation, and contains attributes and methods relating to the


A frame rate to use instead of the nativeFrameRate value. If set to 0, the nativeFrameRate is used instead.It is an error to set this value if FootageSource