The name of a callback function that is calledwhenever the value of the RenderQueueItem.status attribute changes.You cannot make changes to render queue ite


Starts a Watch Folder network rendering process pointed at a specified folder.folder_object_to_watch The ExtendScript Folder object for the folder to watch.


The number of frames to skip when rendering this item. Use this to do rendering tests that are faster than a full render.A value of 0 skip no frames, and re


The current rendering plug-in module to be used to render this composition, as set in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box. Allowed value


The day and time that this item started rendering.Date object, or null if the item has not started rendering; read-only.


The available rendering plug-in modules. Member strings reflect installed modules, as seen in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box.Array


The current render status of the item.An RQItemStatus enumerated value; read-only. One of:RQItemStatus.WILLCONTINUE Rendering process has been paused.RQItem


The x and y downsample resolution factors for rendering the composition.The two values in the array specify how many pixels to skip when sampling; the first


The time in the composition, in seconds, at which rendering will begin. Setting this value is the same as setting a custom start time in the Render Settings


When true, the rendering process is in progress or paused. When false, it is stopped.Boolean; read-only.