MaskPropertyGroup object



The MaskPropertyGroup object encapsulates mask attributes in a layer.

• MaskPropertyGroup is a subclass of PropertyGroup. All methods and attributes of PropertyBase and PropertyGroup, in addition to those listed below, are available when working with MaskPropertyGroup. See PropertyBase object” and “PropertyGroup object”.


Attribute Reference Description
maskMode “MaskPropertyGroup maskMode attribute” The mask mode.
inverted “MaskPropertyGroup inverted attribute” When true, the mask is inverted.
rotoBezier “MaskPropertyGroup rotoBezier attribute” When true, the shape of the mask is RotoBezier.
maskMotionBlur “MaskPropertyGroup maskMotionBlur attribute” How motion blur is applied to this mask.
locked “MaskPropertyGroup locked attribute” When true, the mask is locked.
color “MaskPropertyGroup color attribute” The color used to draw the mask outline in the user
maskFeatherFalloff “MaskPropertyGroup maskFeatherFalloff attribute” The feather falloff mode for the mask.

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