app.project.item(index).layer(index).property(Marker").keyValue( index).setParameters( keyValuePairs)


Associates a set of key-value pairs for Flash Video cue-point parameters, for a cue point associated with this marker value. A cue point can have any number of parameters, but you can add only three through the user interface; use this method to add more than three parameters.


keyValuePairs An object containing the key-value pairs as attributes and values. The object’s to String () method is called to assign the string value of each attribute to the named key. Returns



var mv = new MarkerValue("My Marker");

var parms = new object;
parms.timeToBlink = 1;
parms.assignMe = "A string"

mv.setParameters(parms);"Marker").setValueAtTime(2, mv);

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