A URL for this marker. This URL is an automatic link to a Web page.String; read/write.


Finds the specified keyframe or marker and returns its current value.If no keyframe or marker can be found that matches the argument, this method generates

LightLayer object

The LightLayer object represents a light layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectメs addLight method; It can beaccessed in anit

MarkerValue object

The MarkerValue object represents a layer marker, which associates a comment, and optionally a chapter reference point, Web-page link, or Flash Video cue po


A text frame target for this marker. Together with the URL value, this targets a specific frame within a Web page.String; read/write.


A textchapter link forthis marker. Chapterlinksinitiatea jump toa chapter in a QuickTime movieorin other formats thatsupport chapter marks.String; read/writ


When true, the FlashVideo cue point is for an event; otherwise, it is for navigation.Boolean; read/write.


The markerメs duration, in seconds. The duration appears in the Timeline panel as a short bar extending from the marker location.Floating point; read/write.

AVLayer object

The AVLayer object provides an interface to those layers that contain AVItem objects composition layers, footage layers, solid layers, text layers, and sou


The Flash Video cue point name, as shown in the Marker dialogbox.String; read/write.