Ends the suppression of script error dialog boxes in the user interface. Error dialogs are displayed by default;call this method only if beginSuppressDialog


The number of frames to skip when rendering this item. Use this to do rendering tests that are faster than a full render.A value of 0 skip no frames, and re


Returns the duration, in seconds, of the item. Still footage items have a duration of 0.ユ In a CompItem, the value is linked to the duration of the composit


Retrieves a scripting preferences item value from the preferences file.sectionName A string containing the name of a settings sectionkeyName A string contai


True if the layer has no expressly set name, but contains a named source. In this case, layer.name has the same value as layer.source.name.False if the laye


An array containing each feather pointメs radius feather amount ; inner feather points have negative values.NOTE: Values are stored in the array in the order

AVLayer object

The AVLayer object provides an interface to those layers that contain AVItem objects composition layers, footage layers, solid layers, text layers, and sou


When true, the footage has an alpha component. In this case, the attributes alphaMode, invertAlpha , andpremulColor have valid values. When false, those att


For a separated, multidimensional property, retrieves a specific follower property. For example, you can use this method on the Position property to access


The value of the named property as evaluated at the specified time.Note that the type of value returned is not made explicit; it will be of a different type