Anarray containing each feather point’s mask path segment number (section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starting at 0).

NOTE: Values are stored in the array in the order that feather points are created.

Move a feather point to a different segment by changing both its segment number (this attribute) and, optionally, its featherRelSegLocs attribute value.


Array of integers; read/write.


// Assuming a rectangle closed mask (segments numbered 0-3) has 3 mask feather points,
// move all 3 feather points to the first mask segment.

// Get the Shape object for the mask, assumed here to be the first mask on the layer.
var my_maskShape = layer.mask(1).property(ADBE Mask Shape").value;

// Check where mask feather points are located.
// Note: They are stored in the order that they are added.
var where_are_myMaskFeatherPoints = my_maskShape.featherSegLocs;

// Move all 3 feather points to the first mask segment (numbered 0).
my_maskShape.featherSegLocs = [0, 0, 0];

// Update the mask path.
layer.mask(1).property("ADBE Mask Shape").setValue(my_maskShape); "

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