Purges unused data of the specified types from memory. Replicates the Purge options in the Edit menu.target The type of elements to purge from memory; a Pur


All the compositions that use this AVItem.Note that upon retrieval, the array value is copied, so it is not automatically updated. If you get this value, th

CompItem object

The CompItem object represents a composition, and allows you to manipulate and get information about it.Access the objects by position index number in a pro


The projectメs XMP metadata, stored as RDF XML-based . For more information on XMP, see the JavaScript Tools Guide.String; read/write.The following example c

Property object

The Property object contains value, keyframe, and expression information about a particular AE property of a layer. An AE property is an value, often animat


Anarray containing each feather pointメs mask path segment number section of the mask path between vertices, numbered starting at 0 .NOTE: Values are stored