RenderQueue object



The RenderQueue object represents the render automation process, the data and functionality that is available through the Render Queue panel of a particular After Effects project. Attributes provide access to items in the render queue and their render status. Methods can start, pause, and stop the rendering process.

The RenderQueueItem object provides access to the specific settings for an item to be rendered. See Render-QueueItem object”.


Attribute Reference Description
rendering “RenderQueue rendering attribute” When true, a render is in progress.
numItems “RenderQueue numItems attribute” The total number of items in the render queue.
items “RenderQueue items attribute” The collection of items in the render queue.


Method Reference Description
showWindow() “RenderQueue showWindow() method” Show or hides the Render Queue panel.
render() “RenderQueue render() method” Starts the rendering process; does not return until render is complete.
pauseRendering () “RenderQueue pauseRendering() method” Pauses or restarts the rendering process.
stopRendering( ) “RenderQueue stopRendering() method” Stops the rendering process.
item() “RenderQueue item() method” Gets a render-queue item from the collection.

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