FootageSource object



The FootageSource object holds information describing the source of some footage. It is used as the
mainSource of a FootageItem, or the proxySource of a CompItem or FootageItem. See FootageItem object” and “CompItem object”.

• FootageSource is the base class for SolidSource, so FootageSource attributes and methods are available when working with SolidSource objects.


Attribute Reference Description
hasAlpha “FootageSource hasAlpha attribute” When true, a footage clip or proxy includes an alpha channel.
alpha Mode “FootageSource alphaMode attribute” The mode of an alpha channel.
premulColor “FootageSource premulColor attribute” The color to be premultiplied.
invertAlpha “FootageSource invertAlpha attribute” When true, an alpha channel in a footage clip or proxy should be inverted.
isStill “FootageSource isStill attribute” When true, footage is a still image.
fieldSeparationType “FootageSource fieldSeparationType attribute” The field separation type.
highQualityFieldSeparation “FootageSource highQualityFieldSeparation attribute” How the fields are to be separated in non-still footage.
removePulldown “FootageSource removePulldown attribute” The pulldown type for the footage.
loop “FootageSource loop attribute” How many times an image sequence is set to loop.
nativeFrameRate “FootageSource nativeFrameRate attribute” The native frame rate of the footage.
displayFrameRate “FootageSource displayFrameRate attribute” The effective frame rate as displayed and rendered in compositions by After Effects.
conformFrameRate “FootageSource conformFrameRate attribute” The rate to which footage should conform.


Method Reference Description
guessAlphaMode () “FootageSource guessAlphaMode() method” Estimates the alph aMo d e setting.
guessPulldown( ) “FootageSource guessPulldown() method” Estimates the pulldownType setting.

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