The alphaMode attribute of footageSource defines how the alpha information in the footage is to be interpreted.If hasAlpha is false, this attribute has no r


When true, the footage has an alpha component. In this case, the attributes alphaMode, invertAlpha , andpremulColor have valid values. When false, those att


When true, an alpha channel in a footage clip or proxy should be inverted.This attribute is valid onlyif an alpha is present. If hasAlpha isfalse, or if alp

FootageSource object

The FootageSource object holds information describing the source of some footage. It is used as themainSource of a FootageItem, or the proxySource of a Comp


Sets a file as the proxy of this AVItem. Loads the specified file into a new FileSource object, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and set


Sets a sequence of files as the proxy of this AVItem, with the option of forcing alphabetical order. Loads the specified file sequence into a new FileSource


The blending mode of the layer.A BlendingMode enumerated value; read/write. One of:BlendingMode.ADDBlendingMode.ALPHA_ADDBlendingMode.CLASSIC_COLOR_BURNBlen


If this layer has a track matte, specifies the way the track matte is applied.A TrackMatteType enumerated value; read/write. One of:TrackMatteType.ALPHATrac


Calculates a transformation from a set of points in this layer.pointTopLeft The top left point coordinates in the form of an array, [x, y, z].pointTopRight


Changes the source of this FootageItem to the specified file. In addition to loading the file, the method creates a new FileSource object for the file and s