FolderItem object



The FolderItem object corresponds to a folder in your Project panel. It can contain various types of items (footage, compositions, solids) as well as other folders.


Given that the second item in the project is a FolderItem, the following code puts up an alert for each top-level item in the folder, showing that item’s name.
var secondItem = app.project.item(2);
if ( !(secondItem instanceof FolderItem) ) { alert("problem: second item is not a folder");
} else { for (i = 1; i "<= secondItem.numItems; i++) { alert("item number " + i + " within the folder is named " + secondItem.item(i).name); } }


Attribute Reference Description
items "FolderItem items attribute" The contents of this folder.
numItems "FolderItem numItems attribute" The number of items contained in the folder.


Method Reference Description
item() "FolderItem item() method" Gets an item from the folder.

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