Opens a project.file Optional. An ExtendScript File object for the project file to open. If not supplied, the method prompts the user to select a project fi


Applies the specified collection of animation settings an animation preset to the layer. Predefined animation preset files are installed in the Presets fold


Pauses or resumes the search of the target watch folder for items to render.pause True to pause, false to resume.Nothing.See also Application isWatchFolder


Creates a new folder. Creates and returns a new FolderItem object and adds it to this collection.If the ItemCollection belongs to the project or the root fo


Starts a Watch Folder network rendering process pointed at a specified folder.folder_object_to_watch The ExtendScript Folder object for the folder to watch.

ItemCollection object

?ItemCollection object > The ItemCollection object represents a collection of items. The ItemCollection belonging to a Project object contains all the Item

Application object

Provides access to objects and application settings within the After Effects application. The single global object is always available by its name, app.Attr


Deletes this item from the project and from the Project panel. If the item is a FolderItem, all the items contained in the folder are also removed from the


An ItemCollection object containing Item object that represent the top-level contents of this folder.Unlike the ItemCollection in the Project object, this c


The root folder containing the contents of the project; this is a virtual folder that contains all items in the Project panel, but not items contained insid