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The project object represents an After Effects project. Attributes provide access to specific objects within the project, such as imported files or footage and compositions, and also to project settings such as the timecode base. Methods can import footage, create solids, compositions and folders, and save changes.


Attribute Reference Description
file Project file attribute” The file for the currently open project.
rootFolder “Project rootFolder attribute” The folder containing all the contents of the project; the equivalent of the Project panel items “Project items attribute” All items in the project.
activeItem “Project activeItem attribute” The currently active item.
bitsPerChannel “Project bitsPerChannel attribute” The color depth of the current project.
transparencyGridThumbnails “Project transparencyGridThumbnails attribute” When true, thumbnail views use the transparency checkerboard pattern.
numItems “Project numItems attribute” The total number of items contained in the project.
selection “Project selection attribute” All items selected in the Project panel.
renderQueue “Project renderQueue attribute” The project’s render queue.
timeDisplayType “Project timeDisplayType attribute” The time display style, corresponding to the Time Display Style section in the Project Settings dialog box.
footageTimecodeDisplay-Start Type “Project footageTimecodeDisplayStart-Type attribute”
The Footage Start Time setting in the Project Settings dialog box, which is enabled when Timecode is selected as the time display style.
framesUseFeetFrames “Project framesUseFeetFrames attribute” The Use Feet + Frames setting in the Project
Settings dialog box.
feetFramesFilmType “Project feetFramesFilmType attribute” The Use Feet + Frames menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box.
framesCountType “Project framesCountType attribute” The Frame Count menu setting in the Project Settings dialog box.
displayStartFrame “Project displayStartFrame attribute” The frame at which to start numbering when displaying the project.
linearBlending “Project linearBlending attribute” When true, linear blending is used for the project.
xmpPacket “Project xmpPacket attribute” The project’s XMP metadata.


Method Reference Description
item() “Project item() method” Retrieves an item from the project.
consolidateFootage () “Project consolidateFootage() method” Consolidates all footage in the project.
removeUnusedFootage() “Project removeUnusedFootage() method” Removes unused footage from the project.
reduceProject( ) “Project reduceProject() method” Reduces the project to a specified set of items.
close ( ) “Project close() method” Closes the project with normal save options.
save () “Project save() method” Saves the project.
save WithDialog ( ) “Project saveWithDialog() method” Displays a Save dialog box.
importPlaceholder() “Project importFileWithDialog() method” Imports a placeholder into the project.
importFile() “Project importFile() method” Imports a file into the project.
importFileWithDialog() “Project importFileWithDialog() method” Displays an Import File dialog box.
showWindow ( ) “Project showWindow() method” Shows or hides the Project panel.
autoFixExpressions() “Project autoFixExpressions() method” Automatically replaces text in all expressions.

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