When true, the AVItem has an video component.ユ In a CompItem, the value is linked to the composition.ユ In a FootageItem, the value is linked to the mainSour


When true, the layer is enabled; otherwise false. This corresponds to the video switch state of the layer in theTimeline panel.Boolean; read/write.


When true, the layer’s video is active at the current time.For this to be true, the layer must be enabled, no other layer may be soloing unless this layer i


The Flash Video cue point name, as shown in the Marker dialogbox.String; read/write.

MarkerValue object

The MarkerValue object represents a layer marker, which associates a comment, and optionally a chapter reference point, Web-page link, or Flash Video cue po


When true, the layer has a video switch the eyeball icon in the Timeline panel; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


Returns the key-value pairs for Flash Video cue-point parameters, for a cue point associated with this marker value.None.An object with an attribute matchin