When true, the footage has an alpha component. In this case, the attributes alphaMode, invertAlpha , andpremulColor have valid values. When false, those att


When true, an alpha channel in a footage clip or proxy should be inverted.This attribute is valid onlyif an alpha is present. If hasAlpha isfalse, or if alp


The color tobe premultiplied. This attribute is valid only if the alphaMode is alphaMode.PREMULTIPLIED.Array of three floating-point values [R, G, B], in th


The expressionfor the named property. Writeable only when canSetExpression for the named property is true. When you specify a value for this attribute, the


When true, the named property uses its associated expression to generate a value. When false, the keyframe information or static value of the property is us


The current render status of the item.An RQItemStatus enumerated value; read-only. One of:RQItemStatus.WILLCONTINUE Rendering process has been paused.RQItem