The item that is currently active and is to be acted upon, or a null if no item is currently selected or if multiple items are selected.Item object or null;


The Footage Start Time setting in the Project Settings dialog box, which is enabled when Timecode is selected as the time display style.A FootageTimecodeDis


When true, this item is selected. Multiple items can be selected at the same time. Set to true to select the item programmatically, or to false to deselect


All of the selected layers in this composition. This is a 0-based array the first object is at index 0 .Array of Layer objects; read-only.


All of the selected properties Property and PropertyGroup objects in this composition. The first property isat index position 0.Array of Property and Proper


All items selected in the Project panel, in the sort order shown in the Project panel.Array of Item objects; read-only.


The indices of all the selected keyframes in the named property. If no keyframes are selected, or if the propertyhas no keyframes, returns an empty array.Ar


Returns true if the specified keyframe is selected.keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the range [1..numKeys], as returned by the addKey or n


When true, this property is selected. Set to true to select the property, or to false to deselect it.Sampling this attribute repeatedly for a large number o


An array containing all of the currently selected Property and PropertyGroup objects in the layer.Array of PropertyBase objects; read-only.